Biomagnetism is a scientifically sound alternative treatment that can restore and maintain physical and mental health.

In this site, you will find information about vibrational or magnetic pairs therapy discovered and taught by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran.

I am so glad to find a complimentary medical health provider in Lincoln. I greatly enjoyed Olga's warm presence as well as felt that she is highly competent trained provider. My treatment contributed immediately to my overall sense of well-being, and hope that they have a long-term positive impact on my health.

Prior to treatment I felt tired and also felt physical pain. Both pain and tiredness lifted after the first session.

I would strongly recommend this treatment because it is safe, effective, and utilizes natural non-invasive ways to heal. In addition, Olga is highly-trained, caring, and knowledgeable professional.
–Y.O., Lincoln, Nebraska