“ I have seen Olga for years for Biomagnetic Pairs Therapy. I spent one whole summer preparing my body to donate a kidney to my daughter and Biomagnetism was a key component to my preparation. I am convinced it was because of the magnets that the surgery was without pain and I recovered so quickly. So when she told me that she had a new Life Enhancing Body Scanner I made an appointment.

I was absolutely amazed as I watched it scanned all the systems down to the chromosomes. There were some issues that came as a surprise to me and the beauty of this is that I did not go to a place of fear because the energetic frequency that it emitted addressed those issues and I could see change with my very own eyes. After the first session I felt tired the next day because of all the toxins that were released. The next time I received a session I felt great—clear headed, energetic and focused. I am convinced that the future is here now. I am so thankful Olga is in our community and I thank her for all that she contributes to the health and well being of all who see her.”

—Kay Jantsen



“A huge improvement in quality of life to not take allergy medication daily nor have sinus pain, accompanied with low energy. I haven't felt this good in years.”

–C.P., Lincoln, Nebraska


“ When I came for bio-magnetic treatment I had serious neurological symptoms, severe bloating and many problems with allergies. After 5 months of treatment all of my symptoms are greatly reduced if not gone. I have more energy that I have had in years. My experience has been more than I could have ever hoped for.”

–Carol S., Lincoln, Nebraska