The testimonials below express the personal opinion and feelings of the people who have received the therapy; they are published on this website with their permission.

Dear Olga, I just met with my doctor and my cyst is GONE! Totally gone! They said they could not believe it. I really believe that it is gone because of my treatment with you.
Muchas Gracias!!!
–Y.O., Lincoln, Nebraska

I am so glad to find a complimentary medical health provider in Lincoln. I greatly enjoyed Olga's warm presence as well as felt that she is highly competent trained provider. My treatment contributed immediately to my overall sense of well-being, and hope that they have a long-term positive impact on my health.

Prior to treatment I felt tired and also felt physical pain. Both pain and tiredness lifted after the first session.

I would strongly recommend this treatment because it is safe, effective, and utilizes natural non-invasive ways to heal. In addition, Olga is highly-trained, caring, and knowledgeable professional.
–Y.O., Lincoln, Nebraska

A huge improvement in quality of life to not take allergy medication daily nor have sinus pain, accompanied with low energy. I haven't felt this good in years.
–C.P., Lincoln, Nebraska

For me this therapy has meant getting rid of my headaches. I have been plagued with headaches all my life. After treatment I've had only one small headache and I've been able to make it go away by drinking water and relaxing no meds.
–L.W., Lincoln, Nebraska

I was very pleased with the treatments I received from Olga. I was amazed at how wonderful I felt both during and after the treatment with the magnets. I had many aches and pains in my body that are now either gone or diminished greatly. I also had a general overall irritation in my emotional energy body that is now gone, making it easier to handle the stress of daily life. I am appreciative of the work that Olga does and have recommended her to my friends and family. Two of my family members have received treatments from her and they also have had their symptoms either greatly improve or disappear altogether.
–Ellen, Lincoln, Nebraska

My daughter was not responding to the thyroid pills her doctor had given her - she was almost unable to function at all - and the doctor would not prescribe anything else.  So when I met Olga and learned about her alternative healing method, I was very interested for both my daughter and myself.

After one session with Olga, my daughter was able to sleep through the night.  With Olga's recommendations for organtic supplements, she has regained and surpassed her energy level from years ago.  For this alone I am so grateful.

After two sessions I began to sleep more fully and wake refreshed.  I am much calmer in my daily life and am feeling physically better than I have for a long time.  As I sit quietly and relax, I can feel the energy flowing through me and revitalizing all parts of my body.  I believe that Olga's magnetic sessions are aligning my body with the new magnetic grids of the earth and allowing me to respond to the new environment that has been created on earth.

I am more in touch with my spiritualness and the earth around me.  I am making more healthy eating choices and feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally.  And the benefits haven't ended with the last visit - they continue to grow.

I would recommend magnetic healing sessions to anyone; the benefits you reap may not be exactly what you expect!
–Terry, Lincoln, Nebraska

Before I went to see Olga I had no energy and was extremely lethargic due to the thyroid medication my doctor had prescribed for me. My doctor told me that it was the only medication I could be on and offered me no further help. Most days I could not perform daily tasks, such as showering or even getting out of bed. My work suffered greatly. I felt like I was living in slow motion. After the first two sessions of the five I had with Olga my energy was fully restored. I am a completely different person now.  I'm full of energy and life again thanks to the vibrational therapy. Everyone I know has noticed the huge difference in my personality and I have recommended Olga to them. Words cannot express what you've done for me Olga, I have my life back now!
–With much love and thanks, Jodi Swirczek, Lincoln, Nebraska

When I came for bio-magnetic treatment I had serious neurological symptoms, severe bloating and many problems with allergies. After 5 months of treatment all of my symptoms are greatly reduced if not gone. I have more energy that I have had in years. My experience has been more than I could have ever hoped for.
–Carol S., Lincoln, Nebraska